If Calvinism is Denied

Historical fact: Calvinism did not begin with John Calvin; the first Calvinist was Adam

All doctrines opposed to Calvinism diminish the operations of the Godhead in the salvation of sinners. Any doctrine that diminishes the work of the Godhead in the salvation of sinners is an affront to the Gospel.

Christ’s blood is perfectly sufficient and absolutely effectual in atoning for the sins of those that are called. The thought that “Jesus loves everybody” or “Christ died for the sin’s of all people” denies this, and so denies the efficacious atonement of Christ, trading it for a post-acting agent only effective when mixed with man’s work — his “decision”. Christ’s sacrifice is useless without an act of man, if Calvinism be denied.

God’s divine calling is lowered to the status of pleading rather than an effectual calling (2Tim 1:9 w/ Eph 3:7) which leads to repentance and faith, when Calvinism is denied.

The Holy Spirit’s work of regeneration is denied altogether. Man is not thought of as dead before the Spirit’s work (as Scripture teaches Eph 2:1), but simply sick. Man just needs a pick-me-up, not regeneration, if Calvinism be denied. Ezekiel 37? They’re just really, really sick.

When Calvinism is denied every operation of the Godhead in man’s salvation is diminished or excluded. Faith is not considered to be the work of God (as in Eph 2:8), but the work of man. Christs sacrificial work and atoning blood is useless without man’s decision. The Father’s calling is impotent without man’s decision. The work of the Spirit in regeneration isn’t necessary, because man is more alive and able than God thought he was.

The Father is weak, Christ is a failure, and the Holy Spirit is useless in salvation if Calvinism be denied.

Calvinism is much more than the opinions of an old dead guy. It is the opinion of many saints of old as they diligently studied Scripture, of Paul and the other Apostles, of Christ and the whole Godhead. The doctrine will live forever, while others come and go, for Christ’s Kingdom will advance and the doctrine with it.

-Ben Murch


3 responses to “If Calvinism is Denied

  • junior

    How can one deny a poorly defined term? I assume when you use the term “Calvinism” you don’t support every word Jean Cauvin spoke, or even wrote.

    Denying Calvinism could be any number of things, from a disagreement with paedobaptism, to a dislike of his philosophy of government. However, you appear to limit the definition of Calvinism to the rather inaccurate Five Points.

    Also, stating the opinions of a Frenchman coincide with the opinion of the Godhead smacks of hubris.

    • Reformed Inquisitor

      By Calvinism in this post I did mean the five points. That is the colloquial use of the term. Interestingly, you pinpointed the definition of my “poorly defined term” quite well.

      As you so eloquently noted, I was referencing the five points. Though these were the opinions of our beloved French reformer, they transcend him. They are not original to him, they originated from the Godhead, and were held by the saints since the beginning. I don’t see why that would “smack” you as being hubris. If I didn’t believe the doctrine is from the mind of God, why would I believe it. Am I to take this to mean you don’t consider your opinions to coincide with the Godhead’s? If that’s the case, your opinions are false.

  • Swanz

    Well said. Arminianism creates a weak, puny god.

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