27 Reasons Why People Are Not Calvinists

Some of these are humorous, some serious; all of them are genuine reasons why people are not Calvinists.

1. Because it’s not fair.

2. Because they hate the notion that they are not “free”. [End note 1]

3. Because God is thought to be so loving he could never have actually hated Esau.

4. Because they lack an education in the fundamentals of logic and can’t find a good logic teacher to their liking because they’re all Calvinists. (Quite the cyclical problem)

5. Because our culture has been infested with philosophies of autonomy on many fronts. When a voice is heard crying in the wilderness saying the notion of free-will is anti-Christ, the Fundamentalist and the Satanist find common ground.

6. Because theology is ignored for devotionals.

7. Because Scripture verses intended for the church are wrongly applied to all men universally. When one points this out, the rebuttal is usually no more than a sigh.

8. Because they are unwilling to accept many of the ramifications of the doctrine. (God is the ultimate cause of all things including evil, reprobation is not according to works, and they only won in Monopoly because God ordained it, or worst yet, they lost because God ordained it. And that’s not fair.)

9. Because it would be horrible for God to predestine someone to hell without “giving them a chance.” [End note 2]

10. Because they like to believe when they pray, they are actually changing God’s mind on a matter. The purpose of prayer for some is to remind God of things he may have forgotten and to change God’s mind about things we don’t like.

11. Because Calvinists are a minority. (I’ve even heard an “independent fundamental King James only Anabaptist” say this. There’s a tad bit of irony there if you can detect it)

12. Because “Calvin burned Servetus.” And a Red Herring is just a fish.

13. Because the Calvinist Jesus violated the most imperative playground rule by not being “fair” in offering Himself for everybody.

14. Because a God that refuses to be “fair” needs revision. We need a loving, sharing God who gets sad when we don’t share back. (I’ll be fair: for Fundamentalists’ God gets more mad than sad)

15. Because they really don’t get it. (See 4)

16. Because they cannot see how man can be responsible before God without free-will. That God ordained both their fall and their responsibility baffles them.

17. Because their great, great Granddad was Charles Finny.

18. Because it’s easier to simply schedule the Holy Spirit to come on some fine spring day for a revival than wait for Him.

19. Because they like saying they are a “zero-point Calvinist” so much they’ll never give it up.

20. Because Calvinists contracted with the Devil. (True story)

21. Because they evade with all diligence the thought that God can do something without their consent. (Like regenerate someone)

22. Because some Calvinists are rude and the Bible tells us not to have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. (They say this with a straight face)

23. Because the doctrine of divine election is not fair. (Yes, I know I’ve mentioned this multiple times in more than a few ways, but that is the structure of their argument. See 4.)

24. Because replying “Oh, I’m just a Christian” or “I’m a Bible-believer” sounds more pious.

25. Because if God was truly in control of everything the world would be X. (Whatever the individual making the argument thinks it should be) [End note 3]

26. Because they’re too witty and clever to ever be controlled by God. [End note 4, again]

27. (Because we know someone will say it anyway) God did not predestinate them to believe in Calvinism.

End notes:

[1] Freedom, in reality, is obedience to God’s law. This only comes from the working of God in the sinner contrary to the man’s nature.

[2] i.e., it’s not fair. Yet reprobation, like salvation, is not according to works.

[3] They all think the world should be the way they perceive it ought to be and not the way God has it. After all, their world would be a fair world.

[4] Have you ever been debating Calvinism with someone when they do something spontaneous like slam on the breaks without cause, or possibly slap you, as they turn to you and say “Did God cause me to do that!?” Before I was converted I thought it was clever. After, I thought it was annoying. In retrospect, it’s so funny to me I could laugh my lunch up. After all the previous discourse they expect us to concede on that something like that? Astounding!

– Ben Murch


9 responses to “27 Reasons Why People Are Not Calvinists

  • Jeremy Walker

    I have heard all of these type objections as well, never ceases to amaze me the many excuses men can come up with for denying what is simply stated in scripture.

    I do however have a question, how does the lack of education in logic have to do with rejection of Biblical truth? Most often I have found that it is those tat have been trained the best in logic that have the harder time. How do you see that it is a factor in this case?

    • Reformed Inquisitor


      It is a common objection to Calvinism that it is the “logical” position. It is thought that our view of God’s sovereignty is only arrived at implicitly and is not explicitly stated in Scripture (I happen to believe it’s both). This is not just my experience, but the experience of many others I have spoken with as well as several authors that I have read. Yes. There are some people who are trained in logic who still don’t arrive at the Biblical conclusions. This is either because 1) they have made a mistake in reasoning, or 2) as Rushdoony said, “men are everywhere logical and systematic in their thinking. The problem lies not in their thinking but in their presuppositions.” (The Necessity for Systematic Theology, pg. 27) Though, often times it is both. An atheist for example starts with false presuppositions and also makes several mistakes in reasoning because he wants to keep certain ideas that are only possible in a Christian worldview (like logic).

      I hope that answered your question.

  • Candace Riley

    Number 17 gave me a good laugh; although most of the reasons gave me a chance to pause and soberly consider why we who call ourselves Calvinists(or Reformed, or whatever we refer to ourselves as lol) do so.

    • Reformed Inquisitor


      This was written during a rather heated debate I had some months ago with someone I love and care for. Because of who it was I was angry. Rather than writing in my anger, I started writing a list of reasons people don’t believe in Calvinism, many of which where used in the debate. If I didn’t add humor it wouldn’t have been fun to read. The original first reason was “Because they love themselves and they hate God.” I made it more lighthearted to focus on the foolishness of the opposition rather than the blasphemy that is often present. This friend no longer speaks to me and is convinced I’m a Satanist (#20), because I believe Satan can do no more than God ordains. Some arguments are worth laughing over, others deserve anger, others still make you want to weep over their insanity.


  • Thomas Nowack

    Who needs go out and disciple this nation and the nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom when we have all these wonderful people within the house of God to fight with all the time??

  • Chris

    # 27 Because it is not Biblical. No where in the Bible does it say God predestined some to Hell (#9). “An atheist for example starts with false presuppositions and also makes several mistakes in reasoning because he wants to keep certain ideas that are only possible in a Christian worldview (like logic).” Same with a Calvinist, he starts with John Calvin presuppositions.

  • Johnny

    My Reasons:

    Jesus made me realise that God does love people and that he didn’t engineer 99% to go to hell for his glory

    God didn’t plan for people to go to hell on purpose and made them and programmed them in an algorithmic system so they’re forever in bondage and then get tortured for ever so that God can be glorified

    God is not a crazy schizophrenic monster who planned to torture people secretly in his decree before he made the world

  • Johnny

    Do you really believe that our loving heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ [as revealed by the Logos], the Creator of the universe purposely needed to have billions of people to be in pain and tortured and forever and ever and ever in order to seek out glory for his joy and pleasure so that he purposely engineered a system that allowed that to happen and also in order so that he can become sin and die and be tortured also?

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