No Boundr’ies to Express

What is love?

The question of questions

Upon which all religion turns

The divine and the created

Somehow come together

The evil and the wicked

The good and virtuous.


“All have love”

Answers to the riddle

Her beauty in the hearts of all

Philosophers declare, “‘Tis true!”

This love in all its forms

Is still the same and true

No bound’ries to express

The holy and profane


Are you love?

Though found indeed of men

In feelings ill-expressed by fools

In voices of prophets crying

In both harlots and saints

In truth and in lying

And somehow love remains?


What of love?

In the acts of martyrs

Full now of glory in God’s Sun

In the massacres of tyrants

Somehow coming together

No bound’ries to express

A love of formless lies


This is love?

The brightness of the Age?

From carnal sensuality

The blackness of the darkest kind

To the love of people

To the love of the divine?

No bound’ries to express


But not love

Love is lost by feeling

Her grandeur raped by nonsense

The bastard child that most embrace

Is nothing but a fraud

‘Tis nothing but a game

That all are sure to lose.


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